Get work done with Factory!

Based on popular questions – here’s a clear list of how manufacturing businesses use Factory to get work done.

Can I? Yes!

Generate and send quotes

Create sales orders

Generate and send invoices

Create partial / progress invoices

Create and send purchase orders

Easily find historical orders

Integrate to Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks

Track time worked on jobs

Manage timesheets

Create custom job statuses

Easily track the status of my jobs

Schedule people and time against jobs

Schedule deliveries

Create products, kits and bills of materials

Create sub-kits / sub-assemblies

Link materials to products

Manage multiple price levels

Manage product costs and markups

Configure product pricing for multiple suppliers

Can I? Yes!

Automatically track stock levels

Store notes, documents, photos, drawings against jobs

Produce work orders

Produce delivery dockets

Capture digital signatures from customers

Apply a partial payment to an invoice

Create custom checklists

Link orders together

Assign jobs to teammates

Create custom dashboards

Automatically send email and SMS updates to customers

Communicate internally with my team

See who made changes to a job and when

Automatically attach certain files to new jobs

and so much more…