How Forktorque empower their team with Factory

A conversation with:

Deborah McLeod


Company size
Key Features
  • Automated Notifications
  • Order Collaboration
  • Purchasing
  • Workflow


Before Factory, Forktorque’s team used multiple programs across the business including Autocad for the engineers, MYOB, and Microsoft Office including Excel, Word, Outlook, and Access. 

Deb said the team found it hard to pinpoint or locate information on a specific job and reported the Access software was not user friendly and took time to implement. She explained it was difficult to surface information on a machine which would often lead to consulting MYOB and Excel. 

All purchasing and managing of inventory, products, and suppliers was previously done in MYOB which is now easily tracked by the team in Factory. “We would have to manually send all order confirmations, which would take up a lot of time.” 


“Factory has all of the information readily available and we don’t need to consult multiple programs or paperwork to find answers which is really helpful.”


“We are very impressed and enjoy using Factory,” Deb shared, “we love how the Factory team is open to feedback and suggestions.

Forktorque’s story

Forktorque leads Australia in the engineering space delivering modifications to forklifts through its innovative and quality products. Forktorque’s team of 20 provide custom modifications such as flame proofing and designing and manufacturing specialised attachments that are both practical and built to last. Located in Victoria, Australia, this family run business has been operating since 1988 and services internationally with shipping available in the Australian, New Zealand, and South East Asian region. Forktorque is a growing business and continues to evolve. Deb reported they have upwards of 50 jobs at any given time.

The Factory moment

Deb knew it was time to switch systems when the team would have to double handle roles and search for information across multiple programs. She saw other companies purchase MYOB add ons which was a costly venture with limited benefits – “the set up alone was at least $50k and would cost thousands per annum to maintain which is too expensive for the size of our company.” When Factory came along, Deb knew it was exactly what the team needed – “it isn’t complicated and keeps everything in a central location.”

How Forktorque use Factory

Factory has helped with managing and purchasing inventory, allowing the team to tie in purchase and sales orders and track their costs.  “We love how user-friendly Factory is. It’s not overly complicated with bells and whistles, everyone can use it.” 

The team currently utilise Factory to:

  • Manage workflows and track tasks in the calendar
  • Assign tasks to different team members 
  • Manage photos, drawings, and add notes with collaborate
  • Easily complete purchasing and invoicing
  • Communicate with customers including using the email functions for order confirmations and delivery timeframes

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