No-fuss job management

Get work done

Software for fabricators to create orders, collaborate on work, schedule jobs
and track time from one location.

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Helping small business manufacturers to get work done

“You’ll never get my hands off Factory.”

Deb Rose
Manager, Forktorque

Increase productivity

Less paper and fewer spreadsheets!

  • Know where all your jobs are at
  • Easily plan work and track time
  • Quickly find important information
“Factory allows me to create a work order, generate invoices, schedule deliveries and notify customers inc. managing contacts from one location.”
Kristie Kelleher
Office Manager, Academy Sheetmetal

Impress customers

Provide a customer experience that your competitors simply can’t match.

  • Automatically update customers
  • Decrease turnaround times
  • Reduce error rates
“The time alone that Factory has saved us is incomparable. We went from taking on a maximum of 25 orders a day to at least 50. How did we even function before Factory?”
Kendall Staat
Sales Admin, Vilno

Do more
with less

Create more jobs, more accurately,
in less time.

  • Reduce double-handling
  • Create accurate quotes
  • Seamless accounting integrations

Bring it all together and simplify your business with Factory

Old ways of working
With Factory
We integrate with popular accounting software…

Operate with confidence

Factory is making news in major publications for our contribution to industry.