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Selling made really, really simple.

Create and manage sales orders from start to finish with an intuitive suite of tools that your staff and customers will love.

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Sell with ease
Sell any product or service you can imagine, without limitation.

Single source of truth
Track order statuses, production plans and key info all within one place.

Automated updates
Send SMS and email updates to customers as their orders progress.

Accounting integrations
Instantly update your accounting package when you create sales.

How it works

Create, manage and track every sale.

Manage customers and products
A single platform for managing every customer, product, price and order.

Generate quotes, sales and invoices
Generate quotes and sales with ease, leveraging discounts, fees and more.

Track and manage orders
Capture notes and attachments while leveraging customisable order statuses.

Monitor stock levels
Stay on top of your inventory with automatic stock level tracking.

Manage customers and products

Oversee every customer account across your business, complete with customer contacts, billing details, delivery information and a full history of each customer’s orders.
Configure any product that you buy, sell or track stock levels for, no matter how simple or complex it may be.
  • Manage multiple variants for each product
  • Manage different price levels
  • Manage products sold in different materials
  • Create Product Kits for commonly sold-together products

Generate quotes, sales and invoices

Generate quotes and sales and invoices with ease, with the ability to apply line item discounts, delivery fees and much more.
Create printable PDF copies of orders and email customers order confirmations, providing them with the ability to view their orders online.
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  • Email invoices directly to your customer
  • Give customers the ability to view their orders online
  • Generate PDF copies of your orders
  • Automatically send sales to your accounting package

Track and manage orders

Capture notes, attachments and conversations directly against each quote or sale, while configuring custom statuses for your work in order to keep track of each order as it progresses through your business.

  • Configure custom order statuses that suit your business
  • Assign orders to teammates for better planning
  • Schedule your work by assigning timeslots to jobs
  • Send automated updates to customers via email and SMS
  • Track key events that take place for each order
  • Link orders for better tracking and context

Monitor stock levels

Automatically track each product’s stock levels as you buy, sell and receive goods.

  • Instant and automatic stock level updates
  • Built-in stocktaking tool
  • Update stock levels when goods are marked as received
  • Receive low-stock alerts when creating sales orders


Connects to your
accounting package and more...

Integrate Factory with your accounting package to automatically sync any quote, invoice or purchase that you create.

Our ever-growing list of integrations means that you’ll be able to continually extend the value that Factory delivers to your business as your team’s software tooling expands.

For Sales Support teams

Simplifying the world of sales

Reduce double handling
Manage every aspect of ever sales order from within a single fully-integrated platform.

Stay on top of your work
Keep track of order statuses, customer conversations, internal discussions and key attachments for every order.

Track every order’s status
Know where every order is at, every step of the way, as they progress through your business.

Increase customer satisfaction
Allow your customers to view their orders online and drive transparency via automated email and SMS updates.

Ready to get started?

Start using the most powerful and user-friendly platform on the market for managing your work.

Up and running quickly
Get up and running in days and at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

Flexible subscription pricing
Access Factory via a monthly subscription fee, with flexible contracts.