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Faster and more accurate purchasing.

Factory’s purchasing capabilities are built to save you time, so you can receive goods faster and fulfil sales sooner.

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Multi-Supplier purchases
Create multiple purchase orders for multiple suppliers with just a few clicks.

Email purchases
Send your purchases straight to your suppliers from within Factory.

Simple supplier pricing
Manage multiple suppliers and supplier prices for any product you purchase.

Accounting integrations
Instantly update your accounting package when you create purchases.

How it works

Intelligent and automated purchasing.

Manage suppliers and pricing
Create and manage your suppliers, supplier prices, and purchases.

Create purchases from sales
Create purchases, even for multiple suppliers, off the back of a sales order.

Receive goods from suppliers
Mark goods as received as they arrive, instantly updating your stock levels.

Manage suppliers and pricing

Oversee your suppliers, supplier pricing and every historical purchase order from within the one platform.

With each supplier having a dedicated profile containing key contacts, supplied products and corresponding pricing, you’ll have a single source of truth for all your key supplier information.

  • Manage multiple supplier prices for each product
  • Manage lists of purchased products for each supplier
  • Email purchases directly to your suppliers

Create purchases from sales

Generate multiple purchase orders, for multiple suppliers, off the back of newly created sales in order to quickly and accurately fulfil each order.

Our ‘Purchase Products’ function greatly reduces double handling, repetitive tasks and error rates by creating multiple purchase orders in a single click and instantly linking your orders together.

Receive goods from suppliers

Mark goods as received or partially received as they arrive, instantly updating your purchase order’s status and your stock levels.
  • Partially receive goods
  • Receive entire order contents in one click
  • Instant stock level updates


Connects to your
accounting package and more...

Integrate Factory with your accounting package to automatically sync any quote, invoice or purchase that you create.

Our ever-growing list of integrations means that you’ll be able to continually extend the value that Factory delivers to your business as your team’s software tooling expands.

For Office Admin teams

Creating confidence in your purchasing decisions

Speed up your purchasing
Create multiple purchases, for multiple suppliers, in just a few clicks.

Link Sales and Purchasing
Know when sales can be fulfilled by linking your sales and purchase orders.

Know when to purchase
Receive low stock alerts to ensure you’re never without the right inventory.

Reduce double handling
Send purchases directly to your accounting package.

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Up and running quickly
Get up and running in days and at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

Flexible subscription pricing
Access Factory via a monthly subscription fee, with flexible contracts.